Fresh Wholesale Grapes

Grapes are imported by Regatta from Peru and Chile only between December and May. Our grape programs are set up prior to each season on a firm price basis. As we operate our own crews on both coasts, Regatta gives growers the option to use their own packaging prior to shipment, or to ship in bulk and allow our team to repack.

We work with both seedless and seeded varieties.

Varieties Available
Red Globes

Red Globes are very large and spherical. They are juicy, sweet, and have seeds. Large amounts of Globes are exported every year to Asian countries.

Red Seedless Cultivars

Red seedless cultivars include the flame and crimson varieties. Crimsons have a crisp, firm skin and a juicy pulp. Flames require a longer growing time. They produce large clusters of medium-large red grapes with a juicy, sweet flavor. Flames are also known as ‘America’s grape.’

Sugraone Green Seedless

Sugraone green seedless grapes, or ‘Superior Seedless’ grow in large, conical clusters and bear green-yellow bunches of oval-shaped grapes with firm flesh.


Thompsons are the other main variety of green seedless grapes. They are more round and are widely cultivated in the US.

Black Autumn

Black Autumn grapes are considered red or black. This cultivar was recently derived by University of California students based in the Fresno, CA area. They are smaller grapes with a strong taste and are about an inch long.

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